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How Many Looks Did Robbie Change During the Barbie Movie Promotions? - KTchic

How Many Looks Did Robbie Change During the Barbie Movie Promotions?

The Barbie movie wrapped up its promotions with a full 41 Looks change for Margot Robbie!

The worldwide promotional tour for the Barbie movie came to an early end in London with Margot Robbie's Barbie red carpet show. 😭😭😭 I've been rewriting the blog every time Barbie has gone out. It's touching that she even saved two picture spots for the last two red carpet stops!

Global publicity tour went to Toronto, Sydney, Seoul, Mexico, Los Angeles, London 6 cities, each premiere red carpet walk Robbie at least 2 sets of changes in the look, by Balmain, Versace, Valentino, Bottega Venta, Schiaparelli, Vivinne Westwood, and other brands based on the Barbie doll for her tailor-made.

In addition to the red carpet styling, Robbie has dutifully played the role of Barbie in every aspect, from hotel pajamas, airport to running the radio station to record a program, all in Barbie style. Although these outfits did not have as much exposure as the red carpet show, not even a high-definition picture, but still have the 90's Chanel and Versace on the body, and with the staff photographed wearing vintage dresses Alaia...

Robbie's new stylist was definitely attentive enough to rehash Moschino's Barbie-inspired clothes from eight years ago and Balmain's Barbie co-branded collection from early last year.

Really want to see the Berlin and New York red carpet looks!😭😭😭

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