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The Launch: Fashion News to Know This Spring and Summer!

The Launch: Fashion News to Know This Spring and Summer!


Spring has sprung, now let’s shop!

March has arrived, with the thawing of time and the emergence of spring. It's time to shed the winter and welcome a new space. Here, we will explore the spring collections of sporty brands like AcmeAura, MC Miracle, and Y2K style series CHGG, embracing the beauty of dance and fashion, indulging in the charm of various clothing spring collections. Don't miss out on the fascinating fashion news and new product releases this month.


No sports collection quite like the AcmeAura series stands out like a star with its unique style recognizable at first glance. Known for its long-standing focus on sporty casual styles, the AcmeAura series has introduced unforgettable baseball-style outfits, sports bras, sweatshirts, and utility pants this spring and summer, emphasizing casual pairing and versatility for various occasions. Among them, a long-sleeved T-shirt with multiple wearing options, featuring a distinctive lemon yellow color, is perfect for bringing the feeling of spring home.

dance clothing, street dance, sporty clothing


MC Miracle

Dancers prefer comfortable, flexible, and athletic clothing. That's why MC Miracle has crafted its latest spring collection as a true playground for dancers. With the help of designers, jackets, bras, and pants featuring printed designs offer dance enthusiasts cutting-edge dance enjoyment. The spring collection showcases jackets, T-shirts, pants, sweaters, and more. If you're interested, why not check out the ready-to-wear 2024 spring/summer collection under K-pop Fashion → MC Miracle?

dance clothing, street dance, sporty clothing


Traveling through time, back to the dazzling lights of the Y2K era, the CHGG collection is retro yet stylish. This trendy Asian girl brand has released its latest Y2K series, offering unique fashion choices for every retro enthusiast. The collection includes denim shorts, denim skirts, low-rise pants, high-waisted pants, fitted crop tops, plaid skirts, pleated schoolgirl skirts, and cropped vests, perfectly blending the trend elements of the Y2K era.

 dance clothing, street dance, sporty clothing, Y2K style

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