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Upon receiving our products, we believe you may have many ideas to share about our products. If possible, we kindly ask you to leave your valuable feedback under the purchase link of your order. This will help more people make informed decisions and encourage us to continuously improve our shopping experience.

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Additionally, we are organizing some buyer showcase essay contests. Below are the details of the activities, and we welcome your participation!



✨Introducing the KTCHIC Instagram Fashion Contest!

Are you ready to showcase your unique style and win amazing rewards? Look no further! KTCHIC is thrilled to announce our latest Instagram Fashion Contest, where you can flaunt your best outfits featuring at least one KTCHIC product and win exciting prizes!

 ✨How to Participate: 

1,Show off your fashion flair by sharing photos or videos of your stylish outfits on Instagram. 

Make sure to include at least one KTCHIC product recommended in your post and tag @ktchic_asia 

Put the hashtag #ktchic on post.

2, Alternatively, you can participate by writing a blog post recommending our store Your content must be genuine and authentic to qualify.

🎁 Prizes:

Blog Post Views Rewards: 

Join us in showcasing your style, winning amazing prizes, and becoming part of the KTCHIC fashion community! Follow us on Instagram @ktchic_aisa and start sharing your fashion journey today! ✨

✨Contest Duration: This contest is ongoing, so you can participate multiple times and increase your chances of winning!

✨How to Claim Your Prize: Once you've qualified for a reward, simply email us at to claim your coupon or cash prize. Make sure to provide any necessary proof of participation or achievement.

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to showcase your style, win amazing prizes, and join the KTCHIC fashion community! Follow us on Instagram @ktchic_asia and start sharing your fashion journey today! 


KTCHIC Sales-after Team