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Babymonster Unleashes Fashion Frenzy in Debut MV 'Batter Up':entire team is flaunting their distinctive sartorial flair, and their off-duty looks are absolutely chic! - KTchic

Babymonster Unleashes Fashion Frenzy in Debut MV 'Batter Up':entire team is flaunting their distinctive sartorial flair, and their off-duty looks are absolutely chic!


Babymonster Fashion is Born

YG Entertainment introduces their new girl group, BABYMONSTER! On November 27th, they made a highly anticipated debut with the digital single and music video, "BATTER UP."


The track is a dynamic hip-hop anthem showcasing the group's confidence and bold ambition. The lyrics were co-written by Jared Lee, YG, Choi Hyunseok from TREASURE, Lee Chanhyuk from AKMU, WHERE THE NOISE, BIGTONE, and BABYMONSTER’s Asa. Chaz Mishan, YG, DEE.P, Jared Lee, and BABYMONSTER’s Asa teamed up for the composition.

BABYMONSTER, also known as "Baemon," is a seven-member girl group at YG Entertainment, including Ruka, Pharita, Asa, Rami, Rora, and Chiquita. Ahyeon, listed as a member, won't be part of the debut and promotions due to health reasons, as announced by the agency. Check out their pre-debut single "DREAM" released in May.

Experience their debut by watching the music video!

In this MV, a curated selection of voguish items graced the screen, including: 

  • Double Arrow Necklace 
  • White Barcode Tank Top 
  • Reedition Vinyl Miniskirt 
  • Silver & Pink Pearl Drop Earrings 
  • Animal-print Sheer T-shirt 
  • Patchwork Faux-Leather Miniskirt 
  • Red Miss Denim Miniskirt 
  • Mig 3 Unisex Leather Gloves 
  • Motor City Baby Knit Cap 
  • Dress 
  • Black Pajar Edition Mod Boots 
  • Punk Love Heels 
  • Long Single Arm Sleeve .Side Tuck Pants 
  • Combat Boots 
  • Logo-engraved Metal Bracelet 
  • White Iconic Socks 
  • Red Kiko Denim Tank Top
  • ...

These avant-garde pieces collectively define the pinnacle of fashion, turning the MV into a visual symphony of contemporary style and trendsetting chic.

Unique Babymonster Style

Babymonster's inaugural music video, "Batter Up," is a style extravaganza that seamlessly weaves together a tapestry of fashion influences, ranging from punky rebellion to preppy sophistication and even glamorous allure, all while staying firmly grounded in the vanguard of high fashion trends. Navigating the realms of machine-chic, punk aesthetics, and a nod to the Y2K era, the group's styling makes a visually dynamic impact on the K-pop scene.


Haram stands at around 170 cm, boasting a tall and slender figure with straight, well-proportioned legs. Whether she's wearing a fitted dress with flat boots, her ethereal proportions shine through. Haram often rocks a fierce and straight hairstyle, yet it can't hide her naturally sweet and studious charm.




Ahyeon has a sweet appearance, but her casual fashion style deviates from the cute girl image. Instead, she opts for a laid-back street style, effortlessly combining denim jackets, leather skirts, and sneakers. Her simple yet charming outfits speak volumes!BABYMONSTER Ahyeon


With her light blonde hair, she was spotted wearing a floral mini dress during a casual outing. Paired with a YSL handbag and adorable heart-shaped slippers, she effortlessly showcased a sweet and stylish look.


Check out Chiquita in the official pics – bangs on point, rocking a snug off-shoulder number (hello, sassy waist peek-a-boo). It's like she's got a secret style superhero mode, transforming from everyday Jane to a jaw-dropping chameleon. Her ever-changing looks are basically a surprise party for our eyeballs!




Meet Asa, the queen of sweet meets spicy! While she may look like an angel, behind the scenes, she's rocking that sweet and sassy vibe. Picture this: denim ensemble, a cute crop top, revealing just enough skin to serve age-appropriate sassiness. She's basically the fashion equivalent of a sweet chili pepper – innocent on the outside, but packing a delightful punch!



Introducing Rora, the human aurora! With a name that literally means "aurora," Rora's adorable bunny-like appearance has Korean fans hopping with joy. Despite her seemingly petite frame, she's rocking a solid 168 cm of charm. Blessed with legs for days, she's the short shorts and miniskirt connoisseur, pairing them with dopamine-colored knitwear for that youthfully chic vibe. Basically, she's a walking burst of sunshine and good vibes!



Pharita, a true aesthetic virtuoso, earns widespread acclaim from fans for her elevated aesthetic appeal and impeccable proportions. She exudes an ethereal quality, reminiscent of a character stepped right out of a Disney cartoon, radiating beauty and adorable charm with every smile. Pharita's sartorial prowess is equally remarkable, effortlessly navigating through the realms of opulence, quirkiness, and a commanding coolness. She's essentially the maestro of haute couture, turning every outfit into a curated masterpiece.



Behold Ruka, the epitome of distinctive aesthetics, boasting a visage characterized by fluid facial contours and impeccably sharp brows, coupled with a prominent nose that exudes an effortlessly cool sophistication. Possessing a statuesque physique akin to a perfect clothing hanger, Ruka effortlessly navigates through a plethora of styles, seamlessly digesting sweet florals, tender knits, and form-fitting ensembles with unparalleled finesse. She's not just a trendsetter; she's the embodiment of sartorial mastery.BABYMONSTER RUKA

BABYMONSTER (베이비몬스터), is a South Korean girl group under YG Entertainment. The group consists of Ruka, Pharita, Asa, Ahyeon, Rami, Rora and Chiquita. They released their pre-debut single ‘DREAM‘ on May 14, 2023. They made their long-awaited debut on November 27, 2023 as a 6-member group, excluding member Ahyeon, who is temporarily on hiatus due to health reasons.


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