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5 Amazing Kpop Songs To Add To Your Christmas Playlist - KTchic

5 Amazing Kpop Songs To Add To Your Christmas Playlist

5 Amazing Kpop Songs To Add To Your Christmas Playlist

Christmas Special: Unmissable Christmas and Winter Songs, Dress Up in Christmas Outfits for a Cozy Winter Vibe.

☃️Red Velvet & aespa
"Beautiful Christmas"
Red Velvet & aespa <Beautiful Christmas>

In 2022, Red Velvet and aespa caused quite a stir with their team-up on the song and music video, "Beautiful Christmas." This catchy dance tune brings in a lively swing beat, and the bass and piano sounds add a rhythmic touch, capturing the excitement for the holidays and the warm feelings for those we cherish during this time. It's like having nine incredible singers in one crew – their collaboration is seriously impressive. It feels like a powerhouse of vocal talent.


🎄Girls’ Generation TTS
"Dear santa"

Girls’ Generation TTS  "Dear Santa"

Girls' Generation TTS really nailed it with their Christmas album back in 2015, and fans still love it today (there's even an English version). The top track, "Dear Santa," is a delightful holiday song. It starts off slow, highlighting the amazing harmonies of the members. After a nice intro, the song suddenly gets all cheery and happy, perfectly capturing the innocence of the season!

Every Christmas, it's a must-listen for all of us.



"Heart Shaker"

TWICE Christmas song "Heart Shaker"

The cute music video is full of vibrant sets, showcasing the girls as they dance with their trademark charm and sweetness. The lively song has a fun vibe, yet it still carries a touch of sentiment, similar to their hit track "Knock Knock." This makes it a perfect tune for the winter season.

Even in the Alcohol-Free era, "Heart Shaker" remains iconic and timeless. Every one of their songs is a masterpiece. Celebrate this holiday season by turning up the volume on TWICE's "Heart Shaker"!

"Funky Glitter Christmas"

 NMIXX Funky Glitter Christmas

Excited to soak up the Christmas spirit worldwide, but there's one wish: a groovy, sparkly Christmas. They convey that the idea of togetherness will make the world shine like glitter. With a classic, upbeat Christmas melody, the song instantly grabs your attention and stays in your head. They also make sure to include their signature Spanish phrase, just like in every song; this time, it's “Feliz Navidad.”



IU(아이유), Christmas styleHey, early Merry Christmas, everyone! IU's got a festive treat ready for us—a Christmas gift straight from her heart to yours.

With her sweet voice and an irresistible melody, this song is like the ultimate winter jam. It's the kind of tune you just can't do without during the chilly season!


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