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Street Woman Fighter 2 – HWASA CHILI X Jam Republic, Another K-Dance Fever

Street Woman Fighter 2 – HWASA CHILI X Jam Republic, Another K-Dance Fever

The sizzling "Street Woman Fighter" Season 2, hosted by Mnet, features 8 Korean female dance groups, including renowned dancers like no:ze, LEEJUNG, LIA KIM, Kirstin, Hoeny J, BADA, and more. The dance challenges presented by the participants have sparked global discussions, with several celebrities joining in the dance relay. Street Woman Fighter has provided a platform for Korean dancers closely associated with K-pop to showcase their talents.

Street Woman Fighter 2

In the segment highlighting the "Celebrity New Song Choreography" task, the spotlight falls on the charismatic and uniquely styled MAMAMOO member – HWASA. The most eye-catching choreography comes from the stage crafted by Jam Republic.

Diverging from the typical K-pop style, Jam Republic's choreography has captivated the audience, earning praises like "this song and dance are a perfect match."

JAM REPUBLIC ( Chili By Hwasa )

Team captain Kirsten Dodgen was hailed as the arrival of a "Diva" as she took the stage. Many viewers expressed that watching Kirsten dance exuded a queenly aura, reminiscent of witnessing Rihanna or Beyoncé live – a blend of fiery sensuality and commanding presence. Her teammates, Ling, Latrice, Emma, and Audrey, showcased impeccable facial expressions, delivering a visually pleasing performance.

JAM REPUBLIC ( Chili By Hwasa )

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