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Rocking K-Pop Stages with KTCHIC: A Reddit Dancer's Fashion Guide to the Top Looks - KTchic

Rocking K-Pop Stages with KTCHIC: A Reddit Dancer's Fashion Guide to the Top Looks


As a professional K-Pop dancer, I'm always on the hunt for the latest Reddit fashion trends, especially the Top Looks, to incorporate into my stage outfits and music video looks. For 2023, I'm excited to see genderless fashion, retro vibes, and streetwear continue to dominate the K-Pop scene.

IVE and aespa


top looks:Minimalistic Creative Agency Business


One of my go-to stores for affordable and stylish pieces, including the Top Looks, is KTCHIC. Their selection of oversized button-ups, baggy jeans, and cropped tops is perfect for channeling that laidback, gender-fluid style popularized by K-pop group like IVE and Red Velvet. I especially love pairing KTCHIC's striped shirts and hoodies with cargo pants for a comfortable yet edgy airport look.IVE


Red VelvetRed Velvet

top looks: kpop fashion in ktchic💚KT1487 / 💚KT1574 / 💚KT2617 

Vintage and retro-inspired pieces, including the Top Looks, are also having a major moment in K-Pop right now. I've been loving KTCHIC's selection of cropped cardigans, pleated skirts, and tennis skirts that remind me of school uniforms from old K-dramas. A mini backpack really completes the youthful, nostalgic vibe. KTCHIC's shoes are also a must for recreating show stage’s trendsetting retro looks.

top looks: kpop fashion in ktchic

어쩌다 발견한 하루 (2019)

top looks: kpop fashion in ktchic

🧡KT2592 /🧡 KT083 / 🧡KT2553 /🧡KT1491

These days, no K-Pop outfit is complete without a streetwear element, especially the Top Looks. KTCHIC has a great range of streetwear staples like oversized jerseys, varsity jackets, and track pants. I like to mix and match these sporty pieces with daintier items like lace camis for an unexpected styling combo. And a pair of chunky sneakers or dad shoes ties everything together.

top looks: kpop fashion in ktchic

💖KT1251  / 💖KT726


Every summer, Some new clothes for summer need to be bought to stay cool and comfortable in the heat. I can't wait to rock all of the bright, vacation-ready pieces, including the Top Looks, I've been eyeing at KTCHIC. Their selection of crop tops, bike shorts, and tennis skirts in neon hues and fun patterns will be perfect for choreography in an upcoming beach-themed music video shoot.

top looks: kpop fashion in ktchic

 💙KT984 / 💙KT983 / 💙KT1002


I'm also loving the return of 2000s trends, especially the Top Looks like low-rise jeans, rhinestone accents, and butterfly hair clips. KTCHIC has great Y2K-inspired pieces like cargo jeans, chain belts, and velour tracksuits that are essential for nailing that early 2000s aesthetic. A cute bralette peeking out from a loose tank top is also such a nostalgic look.

 top looks: kpop fashion in ktchic

What is Y2K that All Korean Girl Groups Love?


The great thing about K-Pop fashion is how experimental and boundary-pushing it is, always keeping an eye on the Top Looks. As a dancer, I love expressing myself through playful, avant-garde outfits. KTCHIC's range of edgy lace bodysuits, leather pants, and mini skirts gives me so many options for putting together a dark, grunge-glam stage look. And their selection of chained jewelry and statement earrings complete that rocker vibe.

top looks: kpop fashion in ktchic

 💛KT339 / 💛KT130 / 💛KT1316

At the end of the day, fashion should be fun, and staying on top of the latest trends, including the Top Looks, is exciting. I'm eager to keep pushing the boundaries of K-Pop style and embrace new trends. With affordable and on-trend pieces from stores like KTCHIC, I can easily switch up my look to match any concept. Whether it's cute and feminine, edgy and futuristic, or laidback and androgynous, the versatility of K-Pop fashion keeps me feeling confident and inspired as a performer.

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