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Be Your Own 「Maillard」Maven: Craft a Mélange-Infused Fashion Statement! - KTchic

Be Your Own 「Maillard」Maven: Craft a Mélange-Infused Fashion Statement!

Lately, about 「Maillard」, the frequency of brown's appearance has skyrocketed, and as the reigning fashion trend of the year, it has permeated through major fashion brands' runways to the wardrobes of celebrities. This trend has even sparked what's known as the 'Maillard Style,' a fashion style that uses brown as the main theme to create stunning outfits, as if everyone is falling under the enchanting spell of brown.

Maillard Style

What is Maillard Style?


The newest fashion trend all around the world.

"Maillard" originally referred to the Maillard Reaction that occurs during the heating process of food, resulting in a color change from raw to cooked, much like the brown hues seen on steaks, egg tarts, croissants, and baked goods. This color palette exudes a sense of sweetness and richness.

Maillard Style:food


The "Maillard" fashion style involves layering various shades of brown and accentuating them with hints of orange-red, transforming what used to be dull brown attire into a warm, passionate, delightful, and vibrant fashion statement.

Maillard Style: warm, passionate


Compared to the summer-popular "dopamine" style, the warm color tones of the "Maillard" style are better suited for Asian skin tones. The design and contrast in this fashion complement our skin, making it appear fairer and more textured. As a result, when Asians wear the "Maillard" style, it effectively enhances our skin tone, creating a more delicate and textured appearance and enhancing the perception of fairness.

Maillard Style: asian girls

How to dress in the Maillard style?

Maillard Style and Fashion in AsiaMaillard Style and fashion in Asia

The percentage of the Maillard style🪶🧡

The simplest way of dressing in the Maillard style in daily life is to choose 100% brown-toned one-piece dresses and outfits, or to emphasize brown.

Of course, you can also choose 50% brown-toned outfits by wearing either a brown top or bottom and pairing it with bright-colored items. Accessories play an essential role in the "Maillard" style in such cases.

Maillard Style Outfit Sharing, Autumn.

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Don't miss "Maillard" style🪶🧡

Subtle brown shades may not be attention-grabbing, yet they offer a lasting charm that complements old-money, intellectual, or American vintage styles. Therefore, if you missed the "dopamine" trend in summer, don't overlook the "Maillard" style for the fall and winter seasons.

Here are some brown wardrobe pieces to help you prepare for your "Maillard" style.

Maillard Style Outfit Sharing, Autumn.

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